Endure an authentic survival experience unlike any other in The Last Plague: Blight. Carefully tend to your well-being, brave countless threats, and overcome daunting challenges within a disease-ridden procedurally generated open world. Delve into the heart of the Blight and bring it to an end.

An obscure disease known as the Blight has descended upon the land. Barely escaping its devastating effects, you find yourself exhausted, starved, and alone in the wilderness. But when an enigmatic figure emerges from the dark, a glimmer of hope presents itself off in the horizon. Are you willing to risk your life to see the Blight eradicated, or will you allow the disease to consume you?

Withstand a perilous open-world that strives on punishing realism, immersion, and depth. Whether you're cooking, crafting, or gathering materials, every single task eats up precious time. Water needs to be boiled to ensure its safe to drink, and raw materials require the proper treatment before creating the tools necessary for survival. Hunger, hydration, and energy must be consistently kept in check while resting at camp or exploring the wilds. Never let your guard down, as dangers take many forms. Wild beasts and harsh elements persistently threaten your well-being, so do what you must to survive a procedurally generated world that does not want you in it.

Key Features:

  • Authentic survival experience rooted in realism and immersion
  • Procedurally generated open world and inhabitants
  • Spatial awareness through a refreshing top down perspective
  • Severely grounded cooking, crafting, and healing mechanics
  • Building mechanics; floors, walls, roof, etc

Upcoming Features:

  • Co-op multiplayer
  • Detailed character customization
  • In-depth injury and wound system
  • Farming, fishing, and animal taming

Releasing on Steam Early Access in

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